Tuesday, November 24, 2015

....I'm alive!  I know, I haven't posted in forever.  I doubt that anyone knows that this blog exists.  However, when the blogging bug bites...the blogging bug bites.  And the blogging bug has bitten.  I wouldn't even know where to start to catch ya'll up on the last...how many months?! I know, it's been a while.  God has worked marvelous things in my life, and it's been a tad bit busy.  OK, a lot.

So many new things have happened!  A couple months ago, I stepped up as a manager at work, and we just opened a new store in a bigger town that I've been managing at.  It's been really stressful at times - early mornings, late nights, much overtime, and even more coffee.  But I have learned much, it's been a great experience, and I am thankful!  Plus, I have an awesome team, and I do love my job!  I'm a bit burnt out right now, but I took this week off to recover and refresh, and life is good. :)

College and school has kind of been at a standstill the last few months with the craziness of work.  I did several classes over the summer, and may start some this winter - but I haven't decided if I'm up for that yet or not. ;)

Joe and I are going on 7 months of dating, and in January it will be one year since we met!  It gets sweeter every day.  We laugh together, we finish each other's sentences, we think the same things, we have adventures together, we drink coffee together, and sometimes we cry together.  We've had our share of bumps in the road, and it hasn't all been easy - in fact, sometimes it's been really hard  - but it has been blessed.  I fall for him more every day - he is so sweet and so good to me.  God has been growing us individually and as a couple, and it's been absolutely incredible to see how far He has brought us!  We're excited for whatever He has for us in the future.

God has done things in my heart that I cannot even explain.  I am realizing more and more what an awesome God I serve, and it's truly humbling that He would want to use me.  He has stretched me and pushed me out of my comfort zones in many ways.  It's scary, but it is a good place to be - because I am forced to rely on a power greater than my (very puny) own.  Eventually I will have the time to type up the testimony of God's working in my life over the last 6 months, but for now, all I can say is He is doing awesome things, and this is just the beginning!

I hope to start blogging more in the future - but for now, I'm going to curl up with a book, and probably another cup of coffee.  :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

life lately ~ picture post

I turned 19 last month...spent a wonderful day with Mom, that included this... #yesplease

My lovely Mom and I...

I found a treasure!  Not that I have time to read anything other than Western Civilization right now. '_'

And since I'm 19, I figured it was time to grow up and buy a pair of heels.  Scary, very scary.  I'm not sure how many people and shoe shelves I almost took out.  '_'  *walks around carefully*  *I think I've got this*  *gets more confident*  *flails wildly*  *almost breaks legs and pulls down shelves*  *other shoppers ask if I am ok* *no, not really*
 Sending awkward mirror selfies to my friend, who is encouraging me to do this brave thing...

And I finally settled on a pair of wedges...not quite as dangerous as those spiky ones.  :P  Slowly conquering the art of walking with an extra four inches on my feet and not running into stationary objects. :P

Tried on this dress....made me feel like Anne of Green Gables or something!  It swirled!  <3 (Swirled?  Twirled?  I think that would be twirled.  Whatever.)  But...that yellow mustard color?  Turned me grey.  :P

Coffee with my gorgeous Mom!  Pretty sure I had about two and a half weeks worth of calories on my birthday.  And I enjoyed every single one of them.

Mom made this and it was ahhhmazing.

Making pizza with my favorite guy <3

His face when he's tossing the dough and hits the light.  XD

Oh yes. ;)

My companions on the way to work.  On the left, iced coffee, in the middle, more iced coffee, and on the left, an Americano with an extra shot.  Everyone buckled?  We're off!

A little friend that was stealing my blood last week.  First deer tick I've had...they're SO TINY!  I'm guessing he got more caffeine than blood though, ha!  :P  A caffeinated deer tick....  

Awesome sunset in my rear view mirror <3

This is my "I'm talking to Joe" happy face. ;)  

Beautiful sunset I stopped for on the way home one evening.

Bro date, he took me out for my birthday.  <3 

Fourth of July celebration at a friends, and Ben's face after the pie eating contest.  XD

Girls against the boys, tug-o-war.  We whooped them.  :D  #girlpower

Seriously, the best part about my job is the whipped cream on top.  It's so much fun :D

And another gorgeous sunset.  He makes everything beautiful.  <3

Friday, June 26, 2015

Awkward + Awesome III

{DISCLAIMER:  Due to my lack of sleep, lack of time, and, ok, let's face it, this is just an excuse for being lazy....anyways, I'm sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors that are in my posts...I feel like my, ahem, quality of writing has gone down due to my busy-ness (excuses again), so please bear with me.  :P}


Those friends that leave you with a stomach ache from laughing.

When friends come in to the coffee shop!  (Mrs. S., so fun to see you guys! :))

Car rides with Joe, all the windows down, Hunter Hayes and Josh Turner blasting at ear-splitting volumes, singing as loud as we possibly can.  I repeat, as loud as we possibly can.  And that's very, very loud.   :D  I can only be that much myself around very special people.  ;)

Chocolate.  Cake.

Caribou.  Coffee.   Specifically, blended turtle mocha's.  Perfection.  Absolute.  Perfection.

A customer coming in the day after you worked to talk to your boss and give him a good report about you....MADE MY DAY.

When you can finish customer's sentences for them.  "I'd like a skim latte please" ..."with no froth, right?" "That's right!"  *inside voice shouting*  "SCORE!"

When customers come in, you see them coming, know them by name, and start making their drink before they get to the counter.

You have some tests coming up and your boss said you could bring your books and study during the slower times.  You head over to your table in the corner with your backpack.  The group of about 8 grandpa's that come in every day are sitting at the big table nearby.  The convo goes something like this.... Grandpa #1 "Emily!  Are you leaving us already?"  You: "Nope!  Just doing some studying, I have some tests coming up!"  "Oh, what tests are you doing?"  "Western Civilization and College Composition!"  Grandpa #2, "Oh, you don't need that laptop! We gotcha covered!  Steve over here is a history teacher..."  Grandpa #3, "Yeah, and John here, he's an English teacher!"  Grandpa John, "Yep, you just write me a paragraph and I'll correct it for you!"  They continue telling you what the different Grandpa's are gonna teach you, and are all like "You don't need any books, we'll teach you!"  And then Grandpa Ray, who is a retired pastor, chimes in, "And I'll pray for you!"  You just die laughing.  "Thanks Grandpa Ray, I'm definitely gonna need it!  In fact, let's just skip the studying and I'll just take those test on faith!"  By this time we are all pretty much roaring with laughter...and I know this is becoming a ridiculously long story...but then Grandpa Ray tells a little story about a pastor who decided to not study for his sermon and just give it on faith.  He got up to the pulpit and prayed and asked God what his sermon should be, and God told him that actually he was just being lazy, and He didn't have a sermon for him.  (Enough he's and him's to confuse you in that sentence? Yeah, I figured.)  So you all conclude that you had better study, after all.  Those guys though....they just make you laugh. so. much.!!!

Phone calls with Joe while he's driving and he sings Josh Turner songs to me.  It's adorrrrrable.  <3

Coming up with specialty drinks at work.  :D

Going down a water slide the little brothers created down the root cellar...and screaming like you're on a roller coaster.  And an awkward would be...those swimming trunks I'm wearing?  Yeah, couldn't find my bathing suit, so my older brother's old pair of shorts worked.  XD

Coaching Calls with my amazing coach.  Where I go from super discouraged to on top of the world in about 45 minutes.  Can't recommend CollegePlus enough! 

Feeling like I have my own personal coffee shop, because my wonderful boss let's me go in before hours and make myself a latte early in the morning.  :D

Summer evenings walking around with the .22 hunting bunnies.   And being hunted by mosquitoes. That part isn't so awesome.


You usually write down people's names on their order slips.  After weeks of writing down the same group of lady's names, you're pretty sure you remember this lady's name.  "It's Barb, right?"  Umm nope, it wasn't Barb.  That's what you get for guessing!  "Ok, so which one is Barb?!"  So you should get it right next time. ;P

After a long day at work, you're super tired, and just finishing up closing with a coworker.  Almost ready to go, and you clumsily knock her coffee off the counter and all over the newly-mopped floor.  Feel like an idiot, and there's a great cleanup job...just wanted to mop more! '_'

FaceTiming with Joe so late into the night that you get to the point of being able to do nothing but laugh hysterically because you're so tired....

When one of your "regulars", a coffee-drinking, sweet ol' Grandpa, brings in his grandson to meet you.... O.o  It was...yes, very awkward, but kind of funny too!  :P

When it's been a long day at the coffee shop, and customers comes in, "Can I have a medium latte?"  Me: "Yep!  What size would you like?"  They start to repeat themselves.  Then..."oh, I'm sorry, yes, you told me that, yup, I need some coffee too here, just been a long day, and you know, maybe I'll just shut up and make your latte now."

Another regular Grandpa who comes in and is all like "You just have the best smile!  All the young guys must love your smile!  You just have such a beautiful smile!...." And stands there and chatters away about your smile while you stand there and keep smiling...and smiling...and it's getting awkward and your smile hurts...and he stands there and keeps talking about your smile.  "IT'S DYING NOW, GRANDPA."  He's a sweetheart, though. :)

Your boss telling the ladies waiting for their lattes, "You keep an eye on her, she has this new boyfriend and her head is all in the clouds!"  Thanks boss. :P

Falling asleep while talking to your boyfriend.  Then wondering if you said anything stupid the next morning.

When a young couple comes in for breakfast, and kind of stand there at the counter making out... umm, let me know when you're ready to order, ok?  I can only pretend to be studying something on the register for so long.

Your car isn't exactly waterproof....and it rained.  So after a good 45 minute drive, you're walking around in public and you realize the whole backside of you is wet. '_'

When the part of your day involving driving to the cities and back (or trying to) pretty much goes like this: try to drive to destination (Caribou, this particular one that you've been to twice before), get lost.  Almost turn onto an exit ramp in your attempt to become un-lost.  Thankfully, you see the "DO NOT ENTER" sign before it is too late.  Run through a stop sign.  Finally get to your destination.  Study for a while.  Go to meet your boyfriend at Chipotle.  Get lost on the way to Chipotle.  Make it to Chiptole.  Eat Chipotle.  Go back to Caribou.  Park.  Get out.  Put your keys in your purse. (Ok, so you didn't.  But you could swear you did.)  Have Caribou.  Head back out to put your purse in your car and go for a walk.  Keys are not there.  Keys are nowhere to be found.  The next hour included phone calls, asking for a wire hanger in a random shop, trying to get it unlocked, no success.  So, boyfriend gives you a ride to the next destination, then home to get a spare key, then all the way back.  You finally arrive back at your car about 5 hours later.  You go to unlock it and notice the "TWO HOUR PARKING" sign in front of your vehicle.  '_'  Yes this story keeps going.  You get your car unlocked, FIND YOUR KEYS IN THE CENTER CONSUL NEXT TO YOUR SUNGLASSES, and get outta there asap.  Get partially lost on the way home.  Then, almost hit a deer.  Finally arrive home, wiped out, stumble into the house, and indulge in a late night snack.  One of your brothers wakes up, comes into the kitchen and is like "Em, you left your lights on...."  '_'  I was like FACE. PALM.  What else can I possibly do wrong today?  Actually, the more positive way to look at this would be, "I can't do anything else wrong today!  I've done it all." .... '_'  (Is that more positive?) Please don't ask me how I passed my driver's test.  I really do think of myself as a good driver...I never text and drive, etc. etc.  I just have these days sometimes....anyways.  Thus ends the saga of The Day I Did Everything Wrong.

Falling asleep while studying.  Oh, it was in the middle of a coffee shop.  *wakes up* *wipes drool off face* *looks around* No one saw that, right?  *shrinks under table*

And that wraps up this edition of Awkward + Awesome!  Til next time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So I'm not sure why I have a blog, because I never post on it.  :P  Every once in a while I get a blogging bug, and write out a post in my head, but actually sitting down to type it out?  Doesn't happen very often (obviously).  Life is insane and a little overwhelming sometimes, but I'm loving this season.  I'll be 19 next Sunday, and I'd be happy to stay 19 for a long time yet.  18 was a good year.  It was by far the hardest year of my life, but I'm a different person now than I was a year ago. I'm very thankful for every one of those darned hard days, weeks, and months, and how God used them to shape and refine me.  Right now, my days are full of work and studying.  It gets overwhelming at times...so much to do, so little time.  Just trying to take it a day at a time, and not think about how much there is to do in the next several weeks.  My goal is 23 credits this summer semester, and I've done 6 so far...so I still have a ways to go.  =}  But I'm determined to get it done, or die trying.  The latter is looking like a likely possibility right now.  ;P  The days when I'm so overwhelmed, it's good to remember how much I have to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for the fact that I even have the opportunity to go to college and learn all these things. College wasn't something that was a part of my plans even 6 months ago, and I'm thankful God opened those doors.  So when I'm muddling through Ancient Greece, I have to remember, I'm blessed to have the opportunity to learn.

I'm thankful for friends who are super-ultra-encouraging.  One friend in particular, the kind of friend who brings marshmallows to study parties (do those words go together?), gets me chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's (a taste of heaven, I'm sure), and sends the most awesomely encouraging texts that make me laugh and motivate me to press on.  (You know who you are!)

I'm thankful for my dad who encouraged me to go ahead and take my psychology test instead of cancelling it like I almost did...and it ended up being my best-scoring test thus far!

I'm thankful for my mom who got out the chocolate cake after I started crying to her over this stupid, I mean wonderful, Western Civ yesterday morning.  I don't know how much of that stuff I ate, and I don't care.  It. Was. Wonderful.

I'm thankful for my amaaaazing CP coach, who pretty much makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

I'm thankful for my completely amazing boyfriend...he's the kind that makes me feel so much better when I'm stressing out, instead of telling me how dramatic I'm being, is beyond encouraging, and also the kind that buys me Caribou coffee beans and sends chocolate bars in the mail.  (Anyone noticing a chocolate theme here?)  In other words, he's the bestest kind.  ;)

I'm thankful that I have a job that I LOVE, and the new opportunities arising from that.

I could keep going, but these are a few of the things that remind me, I have it really, really good.  God has blessed me, and life is beautiful!  So with that little update-of-sorts, here's some pictures from the Great Little Adventures of Emily these days.  ;)

^^ Attending a beautiful wedding with this beautiful friend.  We even raided the kitchen for extra deserts after the reception was over.  *sly face*  And then there was the large cold pressed Caribou coffee on the way there....it was ahhhmazing.  

^^Locked my keys in my car for the first time.  '_'  

^^Hanging out with my bestie, taking cute selfies. :P

GoKarting with Joe for his birthday!  I was ahead until he knocked me off the track.  :P

We went fishing on his birthday too...I caught a 4 pound bass!  Not even kidding!  Couldn't believe it, it was the biggest fish I've ever seen.  :D  Unfortunately I don't have a picture though...we released it.  Ok, kind of an accidental release.  :P

^^This picture makes me happy!  They literally wrestled for like 20 minutes while I laughed at them. =)

^^I taught Joe how to play backgammon, and he found this app, and it's going to be the death-by-sleep-deprivation of both of us.  May or may not have spent several late nights playing each other... we're both just a little competitive....

^^My life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

so there's this guy...

I've got some news to share with ya'll! Remember, way back in January when I posted about that crazy, weird guy who dropped a pickup line on me?  Yeah....that one.  Well, the story didn't end there, and four exciting months later, Mr. Pickup Line is now my boyfriend.  And to say this has been the craziest, awesomest, most blessed and fun story ever....is an understatement.  Let's just say I didn't see this one coming...God is a God of surprises, and I'm so grateful for that.  :D
Sometime when I have time (ha!) I will share the whole story, but for now, meet Joe. :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

hey there!

Hellooooooo people's!  It's meeeeee again.  Just staying sane, or not, over here, and loving all the craziness.  Can I say it, again?  Life has been crazy busy. I know, I say that every time.  I swear, (ok, no, I don't swear) it really is busy-er every time though!  Between work, school, home and farm life, and, ahem, social activities, life is full to the brim and running over.  :D  Occasionally, I will melt down and cry over nothing, and send my poor friends foot-long texts of venting, but most of the time, I've been thriving on the craziness.  :)  Here's some random ramblings to let ya'll know what's been goin on!

I get up at 4am every day, and make my cup of liquid happiness.  Then I do my chores around the house, have devos, go for a run, murder myself in the form of crunches and push-ups, do devotions with the family, run my dogs, do farm chores, and then leave for work or studying around 8am.  Studying has been going awesome - I'm currently studying for my first CLEP exam...sociology!  So far, so good. I haven't died yet or anything!  Actually, I've really been enjoying CollegePlus!  I have had a couple calls with my coach, Hannah, and I absolutely love her.  We have a lot in common, and I know she's gonna be perfect for me!  It's super nice to have a coach to keep me accountable - we set goals, made action steps, etc...really helpful!  I'm so excited! 

Studying at Dunn Bros ^^

Anyone else loving the weather!?!?!??!  It's capri and tank top and flip flop weather!  Errr, something like that.  :P  

Last night there was an incredible sunset!!  There had been a bunch of rain, and then the sun came out as it was setting, and there was a rainbow.  I was heading out to the barn to bottle feed a lamb, and I saw the sunset and was like, I gotta watch this!  So I went and climbed up into one of my favorite trees to take in all the lovely-ness.  Well, ok....so it was all picturesque and everything....I climbed up the tree, settled onto my favorite branch, rested my feet on the small branch below that and... ummm...yeah.   It may or may not have just kind of crumbled.  I may or may not have I lost my balance.  And I may or may not have fallen out of the tree.  Extremely.  Ungracefully.  I was pretty sure I broke my nose, and my wrist, and my ankle.  I laid there on the ground for a little while, wondered if I needed an ambulance, but realized I didn't have a phone or anything, so I decided I was fine, got up, and tried again.  I was a little more careful this time, and didn't go on anymore, ummm, unexpected flying adventures.  Actually it was beautiful....I probably sat up there for a half hour, talked to God, cried a little, watched the sun go down, and just basked in it all.  Those lovely moments, aside from the retarded times of falling out of trees, are....so beautiful.

Got to take this wonderful guy on a date last week.  I seriously have the best lil' brother in the world, folks.  Whoever gets this guy is gonna be one lucky lady.  <3

I recently re-discovered hot curlers, or whatever they are even called.  They have changed my life!!!  OK, not really.  But I love to curl my hair, but it takes forever because I have so much hair, so taking five minutes to roll up my hair in curlers, then get stuff done while they magically curl...it's so wonderful.  Let's just not talk about what I look like mid-process though, ok?

Yes, I have a new obsession with Snapchat, in case you were wondering.  :P

Yup, just drinking more coffee.

Speaking of coffee, my job!  Ahhhh I love my job!  It's been so fun!  Getting to meet super neat people, forming friendships with co-workers, and generally, getting to make people's days a little better with liquid happiness.  Seriously, groups of little ol' ladies are my favorite.  Try saying "how are you lovely ladies today?" when they walk in the door....their responses. #adorable

Went on a lovely run with a couple dogs one evening....it was absolutely gorgeous out!!  So fun!  

....well, most of it was fun.  Let's just say, running a couple Pyrs can get....interesting, and painful, sometimes.  :P

THIS was TWO DAYS after the pictures above!  Like it was 70 degrees the one day, and then THIS.  Really, MN, really????

Yup, this was definitely a random post.  And I've probably never posted this many selfies. But like I said, I have a new obsession with snapchat, so this is watcha get.  Sometime I will sit down and right a post about all the things I've been learning...reading some good books, listening to good sermons, and God has been teaching me so much!  It all feels like an adventure, it's crazy exciting, and I'm blessed.  <3

Alright, I'm off.  One of my co-workers and I joined a Refit class and so I'm gonna go kill myself in the form of dancing.  It's a super fun class, all to worship music!

  Talk to you all later!  ("You all" meaning, all the non-exsisting people who I imagine read my pathetic blog).